Business Systems, a. s.

Business Systems a.s. has been operating in the market since 1997. Our solutions help manage processes in Czech and European companies throughout the fields of transport, healthcare, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and many other fields.


  • 1. We are a medium-sized company with more than twenty years of tradition. We are big enough and experienced enough to be relied upon while still remaining flexible and innovative at the same time.
  • 2. We offer security solutions far beyond the industry standard.
  • 3. We work using the method of agile programming, which ensures fast delivery, the possibility to adapt to changes that arise during development cycle, while still ensuring compliance with contractual deadlines and prices.
  • 4. We provide tailored solutions for companies of any size, from the biggest to the smallest, here in the Czech Republic, as well as in other EU countries; we provide these solutions for the commercial sphere, state organisations and non-profits.
  • 5. Our turnkey systems are open, well-documented, and the client has a wide range of copyright uses.
  • 6. We often collaborate with other companies as a partner or subcontractor.
  • 7. If something works for the client, we respect it, and adapt our solution to the conditions specified by them.


Our most important clients