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Since 1997, our solutions have helped easily manage processes in various companies and organisations.


What do we do?

A set of smart tools for managing companies and organisations. Among the many offerings are financial planning, purchase order solutions, document management solutions, and management know-how.

Replacement of sensitive data with a dimensionless identifier (tokenization) via the Hardware Security Module, multi-layer architecture, data encryption, access control, data auditability, etc.

Complete information systems created on a turnkey basis according to the needs of each specific company/institution. Also, we provide replacement of obsolete modules with new ones to be integrated into the existing system.

Establishment of the company

Business Systems a.s. was established in 1997 and has been active in the Czech Information Technology market ever since. We provide our services in the creation and operation of information systems spanning a wide variety of industries. Our clients can be found areas of banking, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, tourism, aviation, manufacturing, and trade.


What our clients have to say about us

Jan Klas

General Director - Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic, s. p.

Thanks to the surveillance system from Business Systems, we can easily control the movement of all employees and visitors on our premises, and we can also more effectively manage the work of dispatchers.

Petr Jindrák

IT Manager - Czech Export Bank, a.s.

The banking information system created jointly by our team and Business Systems employees reliably meets the extensive requirements of CEB; it works without outages and is easy to operate.

Leon Jakimič

General Director - Lasvit s. r. o.

The information system from Business Systems has enabled us to respond faster and more easily to customer needs as well as manage business processes more efficiently.